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Long work hours, unhealthy food choices while on the road, and not enough exercise: Working as a trucker can be hazardous to your health!  From Registered Dietitians Sharon Madalis and April Rudat comes “Truck Drivers: Stop Your Job from Killing You!  The Dietitians’ Guide to Smart Eating and Healthy Living for Truckers.”  In the book, learn how to merge onto the road to good health: Give your body the right fuel to manage your weight and health; choose better foods at restaurants, quick marts, and supermarkets; stock your rig with healthy snacks and beverages; and energize yourself without pills and potions.  Get healthy, do your job well, and “stop your job from killing you” with “Truck Drivers: Stop Your Job from Killing You!” the first in the “Stop Your Job from Killing You” series!   

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